About the person behind the screen!

Hello! My name is Zoë, and I am the proud owner of Daily Blessings! I am a 20 year old student, living in Belgium and working with crystals on the daily. My all time favourite crystal is fluorite because of all the beautiful colours and shapes it comes in, but the first crystal I ever bought was a pyrite on a vacation trip to Salzburg with my family. 

Hopefully now you got to know me a little better you feel comfortable and safe, so you can enjoy your shopping experience even more!! If u ever have a question or need some extra guidance don’t hesitate to send me a message, as I would love to get to know you!

Xo Zoë

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    Great quality crystals, amazing service, good prices. If you need crystals I definitely recommend taking a look at these! Support small businesses! 💕 ~ E. V.

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    I’m soooo happy. I absolutely LOVE the chakra set, and I use my obsidian tumble almost daily! The lepidolite seriously got me through so much studying as well 🎓🤩

    The little info cards are also really handy, clear and well-organized. I learned some new things about the crystals I purchased.

    I’m also really happy with the personal service. Furthermore, I think the crystals are REALLY fairly priced. I haven’t found another place that sells them this cheap for the size and quality.

    The free crystal confetti and crystal I got are an absolute bonus too!

    I’m really happy with my purchase and will buy again.

    ~ R. G.

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    Very nice products for a really fair price. The packaging and little extras are the cherry on top! I was absolutely happy with my order, I
    definitely recommend it to all the crystals lovers and co! You will definitely see me order again!

    ~H. V.